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BKS 00248

Quotations from Vice Chairman Lin

Quotations from the most controversial figure of the Cultural Revolution!  Following his death in 1971 Lin Piao's words and images were expunged from history in China.  This book is a rare example and very collectible edition with common and uncommon pictures of Chairman Mao with Lin Piao.

This particular edition has a special endorsement from the People's Daily that gives credit to Lin for his work and contributions. Ownership of this book praising Lin would have put the owner's life and liberty in peril after Lin's downfall and the fact it has survived is remarkable.

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BKS 00096

Communist Youth League Application Form

An amazing historical document from a bygone era. In 1973, a Mr. Cheng applied to join the Communist Youth League of China. At the tender age of 15 he was no only evaluated on his own merits, but those of his immediate and extended family. To reinforce the working class roots of his family, he classified his family as not just farmers, but poor farmers. He stated that his father had never joined any reactionary organizations. His mother, brother, and sister-in-law had clean personal political records, as did his grandparents and uncles. In China, family associations and wealth counted for a great deal. If Mr. Cheng's application details are to be believed, he was the idea candidate poor and with a basic education and willing to follow Chairman Mao without reservation.

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BKS 00312

Very Rare Cultural Revolution Meeting Invitation

This is an absolutely fascinating historical document from the Cultural Revolution. Everything about this piece merits attention from the true collector from the perfect name of the meeting place (The East is Red Auditorium!) to the wonderful names of the units that were sponsoring this meeting, all seemingly trying to outdo the other for most revolutionary correct title. A stunning piece!

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BKS 00700

Book of Cultural Revolution Illustrations

This is a nice book of illustrations originally done in charcoal by a variety of artists and variety of topics, including some very nice images of workers and factories.

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BKS 00040

Ration Book

Rationing was a way of life during the Cultural Revolution and this book shows quantities of basic foodstuffs over a period of several years.  

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BKS 00196

The Red Sun has Risen!

This booklet reaffirms, in case there was ever any doubt, "The Red Sun Has Risen in Shaoshan; Sailing the Sea Depends on a Helmsman; Leading a Revolution Depends on Mao Tse-Tung Thought". Contained within are 49 pages of how Mao Tse-Tung thought has saved the Chinese nation. Lin Biao has also included an inspiring tribute to Chairman Mao.

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BKS 00302

Constitution of the Chinese Communist Party

Every member of the Chinese Communist Party was required to abide by their Constitution, conveniently provided in a red vinyl covered book. The first two pages are pictures of Chairman Mao and Chairman Mao with Lin Biao respectively.

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BKS 00221

Tour the Forbidden City with Chairman Mao!

A chance to tour the world famous Forbidden City in Beijing with Chairman Mao!

This 1st edition guide was published in June 1971 during the Cultural Revolution. The first page carries a quote from Chairman Mao, "The people, and the people alone, are the motive force in the making of world history" and the inside pages are littered with quotations from The Great Leader. This must have represented the great challenge to the authors: how to present widely known facts about the emperors in Chinas long history while intertwining quotations from Chairman Mao. An example, Chairman Mao has these inspirational words about the 2000 years of history where China was ruled by emperors: "The ruthless economic exploitation and political oppression of the peasants by the landlord class forced them into numerous uprisings against its rule".

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BKS 00237

Stories of Revolution 

This is compliation of three stories of the revolution: Chairman Mao Teaches Me To Follow His Ways; Abacus Calculation Class; and Tempering the Heart of the Red Heart Eagle.

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BKS 00230

Regulations for Communist Youth League Members

This is a nice collectible handbook of regulations for the Communist Youth League - the group that one joined in high school with the hopes of joining the Chinese Communist Party when they became an adult. It contains all the standards to which a young member should aspire to and instructions on being a good communist. A great way to remember the true reach of the Chinese Communist Party!

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BKS 00432

Military Exit - Entry Pass

This Exit - Entry pass is for access to the restricted Shenyang Air Command Complex. It was issued on Oct. 1, 1965 to the Section Chief.

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BKS 00434

Red Guard Oath

This is an rare insight to the initiation of new Red Guard members, in this case members of the Junior Red Guards at the Houdali Elementary School in Beijing. The oath takers promise to obey and follow the Communist Party and study Chairman Mao thought, among other things.

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BKS 00647

Three Defenses Book of Illustrations

The Three Defenses campaign to organize the population to prepare for nuclear, chemical and biological attack started during the Cultural Revolution and continued well after the end. There are 152 illustrations in total.

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