The East is Red



BKS 00248

Quotations from Vice Chairman Lin

Quotations from the most controversial figure of the Cultural Revolution! Following his death in 1971 Lin Piao's words and images were expunged from history in China. This book is a rare example and very collectible edition with common and uncommon pictures of Chairman Mao with Lin Piao.

This particular edition has a special endorsement from the People's Daily that gives credit to Lin for his work and contributions. Ownership of this book praising Lin would have put the owner's life and liberty in peril after Lin's downfall and the fact it has survived is remarkable.

There is no publication information per se - rather there is a date of June 1969 Beijing on the inside title page and a note from the editor on the last page dated June 1969 and under printed in bold, 'Internal Use Only' and thus not for sale to the general public. There is ownership detail in handwritten ink on one of the first pages indicating this copy belonged to the Beijing East is Red Automobile Factory.

The book is in very good condition, no apparent markings, no holes and not dog-eared. It measures 2.75" x 4" and is has 714 pages.


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