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SLK 00139

Tianjin University Silk Brocade

Tianjin University has the distinction of being the first institute of higher learning in China, founded in 1895 by Sheng Xuanhuai and Charles Tenney. Originally known as Peiyang University, it was setup as an American style university by Tenney, who served as the General Supervisor from 1895 to 1906.

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SLK 00134

Chairman Mao Silk Brocade Poem

Throughout his life, Mao Tse-Tung produced a variety of poems. This one, called Yellow Crane Tower, was penned by Chairman Mao in 1927. It has been reproduced here as a silk brocade in black and white with white on white embroidery that frames the poem exquisitely.

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SLK 00135

Ho Chi Minh Silk Brocade from the Cultural Revolution

This is a Chinese produced silk portrait of Vietnamese leader, Ho Chi Min, president of North Vietnam from 1954 to 1969, and a great friend to the Chinese. The silk was produced during the Cultural Revolution in China (1966-76). As with most silk brocades, this was manufactured in Hangzhou in southern China at the East is Red Silk Factory.

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SLK 00093

Young Chairman Mao Silk Portrait

This is a young Chairman Mao silk brocade. The portrait is done in black, white and grey silk in a miniature size - just 10 cm x 15.5 cm. This silk is a rare find and older than other silks offered on e-bay given the fact that there is no sizing information woven into the bottom boarder (sizing information is common to most silks from late 60's and early-mid 70's) and more tellingly, the Chinese characters are written right to left and use the traditional style rather than the later communist inspired simplified characters.

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SLK 00108

Set of Three Colored Chairman Mao Silks 

These three silks were designed to be hung on a wall along a pole. Each silk has the same wording, "Respectful Wishes to Chairman Mao for a Long Life", under which is the Chinese character for Loyalty, and a picture of Chairman Mao in his Red Guard uniform. These were made and sold to the population to allow them to show their loyalty to Chairman Mao during the Cultural Revolution in China from 1966-1976. This set is a nice addition to a collection as it shows three versions of the same silk done in different colors.

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SLK 00129

Set of Four Colored Small Silks with Lenin, Stalin, Marx and Engels

A chance to tour the world famous Forbidden City in Beijing with Chairman Mao!

This is an absolutely fantastic set of four rare silks - rare in size and the fact they are painted. Each silk carries the same production information at the bottom of the silk and all is written using traditional Chinese characters, rather than the later simplified Chinese that the Communists introduced. As mentioned, these silks have been hand painted over white, grey and black silk thread.

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SLK 00136

Chairman Mao Quotation on Silk in Japanese

This is a fine example of how Chairman Mao's message was conveyed to people other than the Chinese. Mao's words on silk in Chinese are certainly not common, and in other languages are far scarcer.

The impressive red on white lettering and specially embroidered boarder make this a highly desirable piece and if framed will be truly stunning.

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SLK 00171

Chairman Mao Silk Quotes Collection of 6

Chairman Mao quotations were reproduced on many items and these small silks are no exception.

Each silk is woven in white and red silk thread to convey Chairman Mao's most important thoughts.  

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SLK 00144

Chairman Mao Mausoleum Silk

Chairman Mao's mausoleum in Bejing produces some great souvenirs, this silk framed picture is one of the best! Under Mao's portrait is Tiananmen Gate overlaid with his date of birth and death, 1893 - 1976.

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