The East is Red



PIN 00097

10 Special Issue Chairman Mao Pins

This is special set of 10 Chairman Mao badges, each numbered and dated to show a different period in Chairman Mao's life. Each pin has been hand painted with a red glaze and two pins in particular have a splash of green and one in blue. These were most probably produced to coincide with the 20th anniversary of the People's Republic in Oct. 1969.

The red carrying case has two tributes by Lin Piao, one upside down, but when the case is folded, both inscriptions are right side up. Laid flat it measures 32 cm x 20.5 cm. Each pin is approximately 5 cm x 5 cm.

The 10 pins are important stages in Chairman Mao's life:

Pin 10-1: Dec. 26, 1893 Sun Comes from Shaoshan, Sun Rises The East is Red (ie:Mao Tsetung is born)

Pin 10-2: July 1, 1921 First Session of Communist Party Congress

Pin 10-3: 1925 Lecture on Peasant Movement in Guangzhou

Pin 10-4: 1928 Chingkang Mountains

Pin 10-5: Jan. 1935 Zunyi Congress

Pin 10-6: 1945 Lighthouse at Yenan

Pin 10-7: July 1949 A Million Bold Warriors Cross Yangtze River

Pin 10-8: Oct. 1, 1949 Founding of People's Republic of China

Pin 10-9: no date. A Great Beginning

Pin 10-10: Oct. 1969 Twelfth Plenary Session of the Eighth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China

This is a most extraordinary set, but what makes it even more unique is that a special carrying case was made to go along with these. While we weren't certain that the case originally went with the pins, upon speaking with another authority and the purchase of an identical set in another city about 1000 miles away, we were able to confirm that the carrying case does indeed belong to this set.

Price: US $72 SOLD

Item location: Beijing, China

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