The East is Red



PIN 00108

Unique Cultural Revolution University Badge with Original Bag

This badge comes from the Chinese People's Anti-Japanese Military and Political College, set-up in Yanan during the War of Resistance against Japan (ie: 1935-1945).

The bag holding the pin carries the tribute to Chairman Mao from Lin Biao: Great Teacher; Great Leader; Great Commander; and Great Helmsman. Immediately below are wishes for Chairman Mao's long life.

The badge is plastic and is made of two thin sheets of plastic bonded together with the writing in between. The bag measures 3.5 cm x 6 cm. As can be seen, there are two staple holes in the bag and the reverse of the bag has a similar size imperfection where the badge backing was.

Price: US $10

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & Insurance to USA: US $3.00

Postage & Insurance International: US $6.00