The East is Red



STT 00109

Glass Chairman Mao Bust

This is a fantastic cultural revolution heavy glass bust of Chairman Mao. This has been molded and mold lines are visible on the sides and back. The level of detail is impressive - the facial expression is clear and crisp.

The glass is quite thick (8mm/0.3 inches) and this was originally designed to have a light put inside to light up Chairman Mao, however we have been told few survive today because these tended to explode with too much heat and no place to escape.

Although not dated, this certainly is a vintage piece, and one of only a few that we have seen. This bust is in excellent condition, with just a couple small chips on the very bottom. It measures 28 cm (11 inches) high.

Price: US $950

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & Insurance in USA: US $30

Postage & Insurance International: US $70