The East is Red



STT 00110

Chairman Mao Glazed Bust

A Chairman Mao bust made of white ceramic is a fairly common sight in China. This bust however is very rare and very special with green glaze coating.

This most stunning bust of Chairman Mao made from porcelain with a green glaze. This small bust is simply stunning to look at and appreciate. The glazing has spread thinner in spots to give greater definition to the features in Chairman Mao's face and his uniform. The glazing has crazed over time, giving Chairman Mao a more dignified presence, showing that even more than 30 years after his death, that his image is still with us.

This material, quality, and size of Chairman Mao bust is rarely seen. The fact that this one has survived intact and in good quality is remarkable. It is a true collector's item.

The coloring and type of glazed used is reminiscent of roof tiles commonly used on traditional Chinese courtyard houses, some of which have survived for 300-400 years, which might well have inspired the designer of this very rare and unique bust to create a timeless Chairman Mao.

The bust measures 15 cm (6 inches) high.

Price: US $350

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & Insurance in USA: US $15

Postage & Insurance International: US $40