The East is Red



MIS 00035

Chairman Mao Cloth Portrait on Wooden Sign

This is a very unusual item and even more remarkable that it is in very good condition and with its original plastic covering.

The fabric portrait of Chairman Mao is exquisite and has not faded - the green and red remain bold and vibrant. The scenes painted under Mao show Tiananmen Gate, Yanan, sunflowers, and the wish: Long Live Chairman Mao.

The plastic covering carries a, "Top Directive" from Chairman Mao: "Make the Past Serve the Present and Foreign Things Serve China", and "Let a hundred flowers blossom, weed through the old to bring forth the new". According to the official translation of this, it refers to a policy of Chairman Mao to transform and develop theatrical art.

The sign measures 15 cm (6 inches) x 22 cm (8.75 inches), and was produced by the Changzhi Industrial Arts Factory in Shanxi Province, and although not dated, certainly was produced during the Cultural Revolution.

Price: US $225 SOLD

Item location: Beijing, China

Postage & Insurance worldwide: US $5