The East is Red



RCD 00050

Set of Three Cultural Revolution Records

A truly great set of records from the Cultural Revolution. The three records are thin flexible plastic in blue, red and green. All three record jackets are identical in front and 2 have quotations on the back. The poses are classic Cultural Revolution plays, some even written by Jiang Qing who fancied herself a playwright.

The quotation from Chairman Mao on the front reads, "Supreme Directive: All our literature and art are for the masses of the people, and in the first place for the workers, peasants and soldiers; they are created for the workers, peasants and soldiers and are for their use". The reverse side has a quotation, also from Chairman Mao Quotations, "Supreme Directive: Revolutionary culture is a powerful revolutionary weapon for the broad masses of the people. It prepares the ground ideologically before the revolution comes and is an important, indeed essential, fighting front in the general revolutionary front during the revolution".

Each record jacket measures 18 cm (7.2 inches) x 19.5 cm (7.7 inches)

The colors are bright and vibrant, not faded. The records and jackets are in very good condition, no scratches of any significance. With an old record player, you can enjoy hours of revolutionary songs.

Price: US $40 SOLD

Item location: Beijing, China

Postage & Insurance: US $7