The East is Red



RCD 00036

Children's Revolutionary Record

This record is an excellent example of the Chinese Communist Party's effort to ensure future generations would be indoctrinated to follow the path of Chairman Mao and the CCP. Not only does this record use words and songs to convey this message, but does so using a children's choir.

The young Maoists and Communists on the record jacket are striking images, especially the young boy in the PLA uniform and rifle strapped to his body. The songs are even more powerful 'We Vow to be Successors for the Revolutionary Cause', 'Follow Chairman Mao and Always be a Revolutionary', 'We'll Brave the Storms', and 'Battle Songs Ring Out on the Anti-Revolutionist Front'.

This record was produced by the China Record Company and there are 15 songs in total, the majority sung by the children's choir. The record and the jacket match numbers M-2068. The record jacket measures 26cm (10 inches) square.

Price: US $45

Item location: Beijing, China

Postage & Insurance: US $10