The East is Red




PIC 00184

Collection of 15 Cultural Revolution Pictures

This group of cultural revolution pictures show some remarkable images in bold colors and are stunning statements of the time. Included are images of the harvest (and mechanization thereof), bridge construction and Chinese meeting with minorities. There are captions under each image.

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PIC 00320

Cultural Revolution Themed Collection of Posters

This set of five posters is an excellent example of cultural revolution images. Each poster shows an iconic image in sharp colorful detail.

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PIC 00213

Fire Prevention Poster Collection

This is a nice collection of posters promoting fire prevention within the community, home and workplace.

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PIC 00052

Chairman Mao will be Remembered!

Following the death of Mao Tse-Tung in September 1976, posters such as this were issued to show how deeply  The People cared for him. This poster reads, "Great Leader Chairman Mao Lives in Our Hearts Forever".

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PIC 00051

Armed Foces Poster

This is a very special and rare poster made in 1975. The title is 'Strengthen the Pillar of the Dictatorship of the Proletariat'. The representatives of each arm of the military are shown with a background to highlight the industrial achivements, specifically from the city of Daqing.

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PIC 00042

Ration Coupons 

The Cultural Revolution was marked by shortages of food and other necessities.  These are ration coupons for varying amounts of staple foods.

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PIC 00127a

White Haired Girl Revolutionary Opera Poster Set

This is an exceptional set of 4 posters depicting scenes from the famous White Haired Girl opera from the Cultural Revolution.

Each poster in the set shows 4 panels and are numbered from 1 to 16. The colors have remained bright and bold and the paper has not become brittle. There are some small tears along the outer edge, but once framed and matted these will not be seen.

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CER 00005

The Perfect Wedding Gift - Blank Marriage certificate from the Cultural Revolution

This blank wedding certificate is a great wedding gift! We will give the bride and groom a Chinese name, add the wedding date to the certificate, and affix an official looking red seal, which will then be professionally matted and framed. The reverse of the framed certificate will have a complete translation attached.

The actual certificate is from Inner Mongolia and is from the Cultural Revolution. Everything is written in both Chinese and Mongolian.

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Location: Delaware, USA

CER 00003/4

Pair of Cultural Revolution Marriage Certificates from Inner Mongolia 

This marriage certificate is from 1967 and is unique in the fact it is from the Chinese province of Inner Mongolia. Also unique is that fact that we have both marriage certificates. In China, one marriage certificate is issued to the groom and one to the bride, identical except for the fact the names are put in opposite order.

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PIC 00112

Military Map of South-East Asia, c. 1965

This a very interesting map from the Cultural Revolution period. Firstly, it is devoid of any references to Chairman Mao, which adorned other maps during the period. Secondly, it is not an map that was ever offered for sale, but rather one used exclusively by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA).

The map gives details about four countries: Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. Details include main rail lines, rivers, roads, weather patterns, lines of control, shipping distances between Chinese ports and other ports (marked in the Chinese unit li and kilometers) and main US bases in Vietnam and Thailand.

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PIC 00111

Military Political Bureau Posters, Set of 8 

This set of posters is from the Guizhou Province Military Region Political Bureau. Each poster carries a directive, slogan, or policy, such as:

I. Our Armed Forces Mission

II. Three Main Rules of Discipline and Eight Points for Attention of the Chinese People's Liberation Army

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PIC 00215

Children's Poster Set, 1976

This is very nice set of posters used to teach children the words of some everyday items in either English, French, Russian, Spanish, or Japanese.

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Location: Beijing, China

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BKS 00456

Cultural Revolution Era Albania Map

This is great map to demonstrate the strong bond between Albania and China during the Cultural Revolution. China did not produce such maps for every nation of the world and this is another indication of the special relationship that was forged between these two true communist states.

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BKS 00165

Korean War Era Map in Chinese, 1951

This map was printed on February 1, 1951 by a very young People?s Republic of China (only one year plus after Chairman Mao?s proclamation), and just weeks after the start of the Korean War in June 1950. Shown is the flag of communist Korea and every province within Korea is colored and identified.

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BKS 00383

Cultural Revolution Era Map of China

This is a great map of China produced during the Cultural Revolution. This was printed in Feb. 1966 in Beijing.

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