The East is Red



PIC 00246

Vintage Chairman Mao Wood Block Print

A most stunning and fantastic original block print poster of Chairman Mao! The craftsmanship by the artist who created the wood block is clearly evident with each of the hundreds of hand carved lines which truly bring Chairman Mao to life. Once framed, it will have a tremendous presence in any room.

This block print has been done on heavy gage paper with black ink used on the block print, red ink for Mao Tse-Tung's name, and hand painted shading of Mao's face.

Although not dated, it's quality and type of paper clearly indicate it is a vintage piece, most likely from the early 1970's, prior to Mao's death in 1976. This is the first Mao block print of this size and quality that we have seen for several years and there is no doubt this is a very rare and unique item.

The print measures 54cm (21 inches) x 78cm (30.75 inches).

Price: US $1800

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & insurance to US lower 48: $10