The East is Red



PIC 00216

Pre-Cultural Revolution Poster, 1960

This is an early poster and simply stunning with the graphics and colors shown, and extremely interesting when placed in historical context of The Great Leap Forward.

Coming at the end of the disastrous famines and industrial mayhem brought about by The Great Leap Forward, it is ironic that this poster shows flourishing crops, mechanized farm equipment, rising factories and a modern city in the background. It personifies the term 'propaganda poster'!

The large red flag says, 'Successfully March under the Shining Glory of the Party's Socialist Construction', and the title of the poster is, 'Anti-Rightist, Arouse Enthusiasm, and Continue The Great Leap Forward!'.

The poster measures 76cm (30 inches) x 53cm (21 inches). It is in good condition with a couple imperfections along the edges, but which are not visible. It was printed in January 1960 by the Jiangsu Xinhua Press.

Price: US $1000

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & Insurance to US lower 48: $10