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PIC 00188

Collection of 6 Cultural Revolution Pictures

These posters are interesting in that they show several scenes that the average Chinese citizen could never have imagined in the late 1970's - modern living quarters, efficient new factories, huge skyscrapers and modern medical facilities. Although not a complete set, these are a great reminder of the period.

The posters are entitled 'Modernization Cannot Be Achieved Without Energy', 'Use Scientific Management', 'Balance Production and Timely Repair', 'Re-Use Steam', 'Save Energy, Speed-Up Construction', and 'Severely Short of Energy'.

Each poster measures 52.5cm (20.75 inches) x 75.5cm (29.75 inches) printed in Jiangsu province probably in 1978 or 1979. As can be seen, there is some creasing and a couple minor tears at the very edges.

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Item location: Beijing, China

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