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PIC 00137

Cultural Revolution Atomic/Chemical/Biochemical Protection Poster Set

This is an amazing set of posters from the Cultural Revolution, produced by the Red Cross entitled, 'Air Defense Atomic, Chemical, and Biochemical Weapon Protection'.

This is a complete set of 16 posters detailing actions to take under various circumstances in the event of an atomic, chemical or biochemical attack.

Scenes include instructions on what to do when hearing an air raid siren, how to plan and dig trenches and bunkers, what to wear during an attack and how to use the breathing apparatus correctly, and what to do in the (likely) event one did not have professional protective gear, and how to clean up following such an attack.

The posters are all in good condition and the colors have remained bold. Each poster measures 53cm (21 inches) x 38cm (15 inches). This was produced by the Chinese Red Cross in Beijing in Sept. 1965.

Price: US $275

Item location: Delaware, USA

Postage & Insurance to US lower 48: $10