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MIS 00017

Cultural Revolution Mango under Glass Dome with Clear Base

This is perhaps one of the strangest objects to come out of the Cultural Revolution in China. In August 1968 Chairman Mao was presented with Mangos, which he then redistributed to various teams in Beijing. Rather than consume these sacred mangos, they were preserved. And since the actual mangos could not be preserved indefinitely, wax mangos were made and placed under glass as one way to remember this wonderful gift from Chairman Mao. Mangos also showed up on pins along with Chairman Mao, on propaganda posters, and on signs to name a few.

This is an absolutely original glass cover, glass base, and wax mango. Apparently the wax mangos were sensitive to heat and thus the original wax mangos are rare to find in good condition. As the pictures demonstrate, this wax mango is in very good condition.

The clear domed shaped glass cover has a short inscription: "Respect and Wishes to Chairman Mao for a Long Life, Commemorate Great Leader Chairman Mao who gave this cherished gift - Mango - to Capital Workers Peasant Mao Tse-tung Thought Propaganda Team. August 5, 1968"

The mango with its glass case is 20.5 cm (8 inches) high and 14 cm (5.5 inches) long.

This is a fantastic addition for the serious collector, and more and more difficult to find.

This is packed very well and double boxed to ensure nothing breaks.

Price: US $800 SOLD

Item location: Delaware, USA

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