The East is Red


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PLT 00050/51

2 Cultural Revolution Rice/Grain Pots with Sunflowers

This two-pot set is a wonderful example of Cultural Revolution propaganda, hand painted and complete with the works of Chairman Mao, sunflowers, and a tribute to Chairman Mao. The idyllic scene with the sunflowers, works of Chairman Mao and a rising sun over the water must have been a truly inspiring vision for the owner of these pots as they contemplated everyday survival during the Cultural Revolution.

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Location: Delaware, USA

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PLT 00063

Small Ceramic Pot

This is an unusual item - a pint sized ceramic pot with very fine artwork with fantastic imagery. The girl on the bicycle is delivering the mail and the all important People's Daily newspaper and Red Flag magazine. The walled factories in the background show Cultural Revolution slogans of the day, with the ever present sunflowers in the foreground. Most unusually there is a chop from the artist.  

Price: US $150 SOLD                          more....

Location: Delaware, USA

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