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BKS 00510

PLA Pictorial, August 1989

This is a fascinating historical document that depicts the actions of the People's Liberation Army as righteous and heroic during the Tiananmen Square 'incident' in June 1989.

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BKS 00288

Genuine Chinese Public Affairs Passport

This is an authentic People’s Republic of China Passport for Public Affairs. This type of passport was issued to Chinese citizens on government sponsored trips and others on official government business. These differ from typical private passports and are usually only valid for two years.

This particular passport was issued to a Mr. Diao, who then traveled to Brazil in 1993. This passport was issued by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing in 1992 and has their official red seal.

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BKS 00289

Teacher Qualification Certificate

A new Teacher Qualification Certificate in excellent condition. This is an authentic certificate that has never been used. Teachers in China must have this certificate to prove their teaching qualifications and must pass an exam before being issued this certificate.

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Location: Beijing, China